Dive Instructor! IDC in Central America


What is an IDC?

An IDC, or Instructor Development Course, is a training to transform a Divemaster in a (PADI) Open Water Instructor. The program, mostly given in class, is followed by the IE, the Instructor Exam.

The IDC is managed by a Course Director, the highest level of certification in the PADI system. He can be assisted by staff instructors.

The exam that follows the IDC, the IE, is conducted by a PADI employee. They validate the knowledge acquired in the IDC-program.


Why an IDC in Central America?

There are IDC centers all over the world. But I wanted to do my IDC close to the USA and to Canada. So doing my IDC in Central America sounded like the right option.

I completed my divemaster over a year ago and was now ready to head to the next level. I searched the internet and enrolled with Rich Coast Diving in Costa Rica. Brenda and Martin, the course directors, showed me the ropes:

My IDC in Costa Rica

The program has presentations and workshops built around the skills needed to teach the PADI programs to new and certified divers. It includes sessions in the pool as well as in the open water, but the focus is on learning in class. Train the trainer as the core.

Our IDC took 8 days in the class, 1 day in the pool, 1 day in the ocean and then some time to become Emergency First Responder Trainers, and do test exams. I had carved out 14 days for the process and that was perfect.

An IDC in Central America combined the advantage of being in the same time zone as the USA. But it’s tropical, and the diving is amazing. Costa Rica is in Central America by far the safest country with the best facilities. A working internet is pretty important for me as a digital nomad: so having a decent connection is key. While I had a few hiccups, I had a connection that allowed video-conference, uploads of pictures at a nice speed, and access to Netflix! (Not that there’s much time besides an IDC to watch TV).

Ah, and one of the coolest perks? As I did my IDC in Central America with Rich Coast Diving in Costa Rica, I can now dive with them whenever I like!