THIS IS WHAT GOOGLE SEES Dive Instructor! IDC in Central America - What is an IDC? An IDC, or Instructor Development Course, is a training to transform a Divemaster in a (PADI) Open Water Instructor. The program, mostly given in class, is followed by the IE, the Instructor Exam. The IDC is managed¬†by a Course Director, the highest level of certification in the PADI system. He can…
What’s happening these days in New York? - In the past weeks, we had the commotion here in New York after a Grand Jury on Staten Island where the police officer who killed Eric Garner could walk free. That after days of unrest and protest about the Ferguson case in the city. I posted an article trying to figure out how many police…
Eric Garner, Grand Jury - An african american man is stopped by the police for a minor crime. The Police is using force to hold him. The man dies. A grand jurys has to decide on the indictment of the Policeman. This is not Ferguson, it’s New York City. It’s today...
About ecology, plastic bags and New York City - In a recent article, Koen discusses the proposed way to deal with over 5 billion plastic bags every year in New York City.This big city struggles, 7 years after the issue was dealt with in Europe, with the dilemma to tax every bag or not to change behaviour.
Antelope canyon - Check out this awesome photo from 500px:
Expats first July fourth celebration - Expat celebration¬†
Radan - We encnountered in the past weeks a fascinating artists, Andre Devlaeminck, AKA Radan.  
Customer friendly railroad - In my blog, I explain why we can do better in servicing travelers that are taking the train in Brussels Airport. Again, discussions started on the blog and twitter.
Over pianisten en Vlaanderen - Nogal wat reactie ontstaan over een artikel dat ik schreef over de zelfgenoegzaamheid van Vlaanderen die haar welvaart aan het aantasten is. Zowel op twitter, als op facebook.

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